Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Amatuer Facials

If it wasnt for Amateur Facials, i would have never become a fanatic... I still think Beth, Michelle, Jade, Lissa, Ginger, Tyler, Kayla, & Jen, are the best facial models of all time!!! They are still Jizzing all over young ladies today. visit them. they are the best!

Amateur Facials

Throat of Iron!

Never seen this girl before, Felony - young and crazy it looks like. like these pics alot!

Indie Rock Chick Gets Slathered

Just Graduated!

These girls must have just turned 18, they are crazy young looking! Normally I dont like the dolled up girls, but these girls are an exception!

Happy when it pours

This teen is happy when it rains!!!

2,000 words

Ashley White!!!!

Check out 18 yo. Ashley on Cum Dumpsters 3. incredible facials, incredible freckles!


Yr gonna have to use yr imagination on this girl, boys!

Body of Angel

This girl has the greatest body ive seen on a facial page! Unfortunatly, the guy does not cum on her at all - she swallows it all, and there is not even a sign of cum.. bummer.

Taylor Bow!!!

The hardest bet, is who is hotter : Taylor Bow, or Raven Riley??? Taylor has the face of a sixteen year old! ITs a tough call, you be the judge.

After School Special!

This is my favorite after school special.. at least it was when i was in high school!


This is what young teenage girls are letting old perverts do to them!!! I cant wait till im old!

Raven Riley

Raven deserves the most props of all the porn stars.. not only is she the hottest breathing person on this planet, she also allows men to cum on her face!!! She has amazing style - her clothes alone make me wanna hump her!! check out these facials!!


My God Jeesus .. this is the HOTTEST EVER!

Recognize This Slut???

HEre is The girl from my first post, after she poured a full condom all over her face and body. I've noticed she has been on alot of sites, she is so hot. what a total slut!

Teenage CUM DUMP!!!

She probably wasnt expecting this much!!!

GGG Im not sure

The girls on GGG bukkake seem like they arent having much fun.. this girl is so hot though.. i had to add her to this blog!

Fluffer NEEDS CUM!!

I'd give this chick all of my money to see her face get covered in cum!

COHF Summer!!!

Can you believe this???? i dont think i can.. its absurd and beautiful! This image is as beautiful to me as a sunrise in the Appalachians...


I am currently looking for models 18-25, who are really skinny and have small breasts, and asses. Petite girls, with big eyes, big lips, braces a plus. I am going to be filming an adult video this fall/winter in the Spokane area, and need a few more models. excellent pay! Extra money for braces, glasses, waifish figure. Also needed one chubbier girl for small oral cumshot scene (18 pref). good pay. girls still in high school desired extra extra $$$$$$$$$ catholic uniforms$$$$$$$$cheerleader$$$$$$$$$fast food uniforms$$$$$$$$

Fresh outta High School!

You'll never believe whats gonna happen to this young tarts face! she has just graduated High School, and was in the mood to "party" this July. See what our five friends did to her... She sat in front of me in American History, and i couldnt stop staring at her ass.

Eighteen and Cummy!

For some reason i find solace when young girls do this... i love seeing it,and i am proud to show it. 18 year old Brandy took many shots to the face.. i admire her. please do the same boys...


here she is just a few seconds before the next pic. ah, can you imagine my friends???

Here She is ARIZONA!!

Heres the sweet thing i was talkin' about. Would ya look at her??? My GOD!

One of my favorite CUMSHOTS!

Arizona, is really one of my favorite girls in the market right now. I havent seen anything else by her,but i can tell you she has class. Just look at this bukkake shot of her - she is fantastic! Doll, if you are reading this send me a line, im full of it and i love ya!
Here we have one of the sweetest cum catcher girls of our time, Gwen. She is absoluteley gorgeous and innocent as she gets the load on. I for one am obbsessed with her, but most guys think she is boring. what do you think? If you are reading this Gwen, Email me, i have an offer up my sleeve!


Here we are in a post Facial Forum age, where we all must create blogs with our own pleasures, to exchange and share.. i like the idea. hello chaps! lets start it up! Facials and bukkake welcome!